Hey I’m Kirsty

I’m guessing that because you have landed on this page you’d like to know a little bit about me? Well, let’s see what can I tell you about little ol me!

I live in a little cozy house with my crush who is called Phil and he is my entire world, The peanut butter to my Jelly, My Jam to Toast & we live with our cat and 3/4’s! ( which is an inside joke because we have an amputee cat who we adore he has the best personality ) I do proudly love telling the world I the photographer in the family also has a Tripod Kitty.  Hairy face ( my adorable nickname for my husband ) & I are Animal lovers I am more of a Doggy lover than a kitty lover But I swear my husband is the pied piper of Animals they ALL love him???

My favorite things in the world are giggling at silly moments and laughing with my best friends, and when I’m not shooting weddings or families you’ll find me singing in the choir I belong too (Sing in the City) or working on graphics/websites but mostly spending time with my love & family. I am also a fully fledged nerd and love coding ( giving me a bit of Java or SQL and ill see you in a week ) &I harbor a love of the office, Big Bang Theory and Computer games.

I have a huge love of music I will pretty much listen to ANYTHING from Metal to pop to classical and I have been known to go on some epic musical chats. Some of my fav bands are Pink ( who doesn’t love pink? ), 30 Seconds to Mars, Five finger death punch….Sooooo many more.

The best thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to work five days a week in my PJs with a cat on my lap and coffee in my hand but mostly because I get to meet awesome like-minded people.

My wedding photography style is relaxed and artistic. I love to stand back and capture all the silly and romantic moments as they happen and let you get on with having the best day ever. For me, the bit I love the most about a wedding day is the dancing because I get to be creative with light and create something pretty darn special, I swear Phil is fed up of me Gasping on a walk “look at that light” hitting fields, Trees, light is my happy place to me it makes the world sparkle.